• 23/04/2013

    Insulated reefers: Maersk Container Industry grants another major contract to Cannon


Maersk Container Industry, a business unit in the A.P. Moller - Maersk Group, selected again the Cannon Group for the supply of a complete foaming plant for their reefers, ...

Maersk Container Industry, a business unit in the A.P. Moller - Maersk Group, selected again the Cannon Group for the supply of a complete foaming plant for their reefers, the temperature-controlled containers used to transport frozen or refrigerated goods.
The equipment will be installed in Maersk Container Industry (MCI) new factory in San Antonio, Chile. This will be the first reefer manufacturing facility in some time to be located outside of China and the first in Latin America.
All volume of reefer manufacturing capacity has been so far located in China, where MCI operates a plant in in Qingdao. Scheduled to open in the beginning of 2014, the new plant will have an annual capacity of 40,000 x 40ft cube reefers as well as a number of Star Cool reefer machines. It will also be able to build 8ft 6in high units to cater for the banana trade.

The plant – that will operate in San Antonio, the largest Chilean port in terms of freight handled and the busiest port in the western coast of South America, 110 km west of Santiago – is expected to create 2,200 jobs in and around the town. The city of San Antonio is ideally located in the largest reefer exporting region in Chile and also in close proximity to the other container busiest terminal, Valparaìso Port.

Total investment in the project is put at US$170M. According to MCI, the new factory will help correct a reefer trade imbalance that disfavours exporters of fresh produce, fish and meat from western South America. “The new factory will produce Maersk’s high-tech reefers in a part of the world where exporters have problems gaining access to reefers.” said MCI CEO Peter Nymand in a company statement released to the press.
The core of the plant will be the Polyurethane (PUR) injection plant, where all the foam-insulated components of the box reefer – side walls, roof, floor, front, doors and corners – will be manufactured at  a rate of one complete box assembled every 9 minutes.
For this large contract MCI launched a bid among the leading suppliers of this type of equipment. Cannon, that back in the 1990’s had supplied a similar plant to Maersk in Tinglev, Denmark, was finally selected to provide also this larger foaming complex.
The PUR foaming equipment will cover an area of approximate 4,300 sqm.
The ten Cannon high-pressure, high-output dosing units will feed, for the foam injection, twenty-five mixing heads (FPL and JL type) mounted on nine large polymerisation presses, designed according to their well-known “2+2” and “1+1” platens swapping system, for the large and small steel sheet/PUR/steel sheet sandwich panels.  The presses will be manufactured with a concept that allows for the future implementation of new foaming technologies and of further polymerisation equipment, to enhance the plant volume output and the quality of the foamed panels.
The reasons for choosing  Cannon for this major contract were mainly linked with our experience in the field of automated production of extra-large insulated panels and with the capacity of assembling a team of specialists able to provide quick answers and innovative solutions for Maersk’ new factory expectations. Cannon will be the single interface for the whole supply, that will be manufactured by several Group Units: Cannon Afros for the dosing and mixing equipment, Cannon Ergos for the integration of all components, Manni for the polymerisation and material handling elements, Shinnon for the supply of ancillary parts “ says Marco Volpato, MD of the Cannon Group.
Scheduled  for start-up in beginning of 2014, the plant will be the first reefer manufacturing facility to be located outside of China and the first in Latin America.
The Chilean MCI plant will be the first reefer manufacturing facility to be located outside of China and the first in Latin America

 Cannon PR 201304-1_Maersk Chile_12 Cannon PR 201304-1_Maersk Chile_14 Cannon PR 201304-1_Maersk Chile_16
Cannon PR 201304-1_JL32_Head


The Cannon JL mixing heads will be used to inject Polyurethane foam in the reefers walls, floor, roof, front and door elements of the 40 feet box refrigerated containers 


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