• 15/05/2013

    Haier Repeat Order Confirms Their Trust in Cannon V.A.I. and Dow PASCALTM Technology


Cannon is proud to announce another order from China for a mass-production polyurethane foaming plant for domestic refrigerators manufactured with Cannon V.A.I. technology: Haier, the world ...

Cannon is proud to announce another order from China for a mass-production polyurethane foaming plant for domestic refrigerators manufactured with Cannon V.A.I. technology: Haier, the world leader in cold appliances, placed their second order for one 16-fixture foaming and polymerisation equipment lines, featuring the new vacuum-assisted injection method, for their Qingdao factory.

Haier’s repeat purchase of Cannon Vacuum Assisted Injection (V.A.I.) foaming equipment line reinforces the continued commercial success of innovative PASCALTM Technology, first launched to the industry in September 2011.

By applying vacuum into the complex mould cavity where a domestic refrigerator is filled with rigid polyurethane, the V.A.I. technology facilitates the expansion of the foam into the cabinet, providing substantial benefits that convinced Haier to confirm their trust in this Cannon solution:
  • Increased productivity per foaming station: thanks to the use of highly-reactive formulations that provide a faster demoulding time, a 135-second curing cycle is now the reference for a wall thickness up to 10 cm, using the appropriate polyurethane chemical formulation by The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) for this technology.
  • Optimized distribution of foam throughout the whole cabinet: a uniform density of 33 +/-1 kg/m3 is constantly achieved.
  • Substantial foam savings: up to 5% are regularly obtained in their first fine-tuned plant.
  • Optimum insulation performances: the foam Lambda value is as low as 18.6 +/- 1 mW/m °K.
A tight co-operation with Dow allowed for the joint-development of PASCAL™ Technology, an innovative technological solution that draws new frontiers in the production of refrigerators.
The polyurethane chemistry developed by Dow for this technology reduces the foam thermal conductivity to a new reference level and allows for a significantly shorter polymerization time.
The first industrial plant working with the Cannon V.A.I. technology, delivered to Haier Chongqing (China) plant, has been producing their Class A refrigerators since 2011. Their second plant, destined to the Yellow Island, Qingdao factory, will make the high-class side-by-side wider models.
Another Cannon V.A.I. plant is in operation in China since Sept. 2012 at Meiling’s Hefei factory.  
Cannon developed the V.A.I. polymerization jig for this technology, in which the refrigerator cabinet is maintained under a controlled degree of vacuum during the whole period of the foam’s injection (picture, left). A patented solution, this method allows for the production of refrigerators featuring cost-effective eco-design and superior energy saving performances.
Sixteen curing jigs, aligned in two 8-fixture rows, will once again be supplied to Haier in Qingdao, providing an output capacity of four foamed cabinets per minute!
Two Cannon A-System metering units, connected to four Cannon SR24 mixing heads, will precisely feed the amount of foam required by each cabinet. A centralised vacuum station will provide in each mould the negative pressure required at a very constant level for the whole period of the chemicals’ injection and of the foam’s expansion.
The delivery and start-up of the new plant is foreseen for the second half of 2013.

More on the Cannon V.A.I. Technology

Cannon_RotoJigCABINET: A further technical development– the RotoJig, a foaming fixture hosting two polymerization jigs mounted on the opposite sides of a rotating platform (picture, left) – allows for the reduction of the plant’s floor space by 50% and to speed up the foaming cycle.

DOORS: In order to provide the same thermal conductivity in all the components of the refrigerator, the vacuum-assisted foam injection technology has been extended to the door’s production method: the well-known “Drum” Unit – a rotating multiple-mould manufacturing tool originally patented by Cannon in the early 1980’s – has been redesigned applying the vacuum capability, obtaining for the doors the same advantages described for the cabinets.

PASCAL™ is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow



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