• 24/06/2013

    Cannon awarded by CONFINDUSTRIA for an innovative project

Best Practices for Innovation

The Innovative and Technological Services Group of CONFINDUSTRIA organises in their Salerno branch the "Best Practices for the Innovation Award".

Walter Giachin (right), Area Manager of Telecom Italia (one of the event sponsors), delivers the second award of the seventh Prize "Best Practices for Innovation" to Ing. Luca Campi of Cannon Afros (left).


The Innovative and Technological Services Group of CONFINDUSTRIA (the organisation representing more than 148,000 Italian manufacturing and services companies) organises in their Salerno branch the "Best Practices for the Innovation Award" to promote the convenience, for the public and private market, of the innovative processes (www.premiobestpractices.it).

The initiative started in 2006 with the aim of telling real cases of innovation and describing the results for the beneficiaries, thus promoting their spread to the largest possible public and stimulating the knowledge between companies.

Cannon Afros has been granted  the second award of this year's seventh edition, that saw the participation of 57 projects. The R&D Centre of Afros – based in Caronno Pertusella, near Milano – submitted the project titled "Fast-cycle Moulding Systems for Composite Parts Made with Carbon Reinforced Epoxy Resins".

The awarded solution reduces the demoulding time of a finished composite part from a typical 20-30 minutes of the RTM process to 3 minutes of Cannon's ESTRIM (Epoxy STructural Reaction Injection Moulding) technology.

A numerous and attentive audience took part to the award ceremony of the 7th Prize "Best Practices for Innovation" – organized by Confindustria Salerno – on June 6-7, 2013.

The Cannon project has been positively evaluated for its innovative content and for the possibility of an immediate industrial application. The significant reduction of cycle time obtained allows for a much higher productivity per working island, optimizing all the used resources and drastically shortening the ROI (Return On Investment) time of the equipment investments.

The quality of the moulded pieces is equal to that obtained with the traditional process, while the high-pressure technology used to meter and inject the liquid reactive formulation allows for the complete elimination of cleaning solvents from the production cycle. This provides significant benefits in terms of worker’s health, working place atmosphere and process economies.

In addition to the 57 companies running for the BestPractices Award, 66 young start up’s participated to the second UpStart competition with innovative projects and success stories in the fields of industry, commerce and services.

A sandwich made with various layers of Carbon fibers is manually prepared at Cannon Afros R&D department, prior to the injection in closed mould with Epoxy resin using the ESTRIM technology.


Best-Practices-Award-2013-7        Best-Practices-Award-2013-8

The quality of composites made with the ESTRIM technology, both in terms of aesthetics and mechanical properties, is equal to that obtained with conventional technologies – but these are produces with a faster and environmentally-safer process!


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