• 05/12/2013

    ARTES Ingegneria and BONO Energia' s Contribution for TEMPA ROSSA


ARTES Ingegneria and BONO Energia are proud of having been awarded by Tecnimont for the TEMPA ROSSA Project. The EPC contractor found at Cannon a complete proposal that covers an important part of its scope of supply: both water treatment and steam for the process and utilities.

The operator in charge of developing Tempa Rossa Project is Total E&P Italia, subsidiary of Total Group, one of the six super major oil companies in the world with 97,000 employees and operating in more than 130 countries. Tecnimont, as the EPC Contractor, is the main subsidiary of Maire Tecnimont, an industrial group leader at international level in the sectors of Engineering & Construction, Technology & Licensing and Energy & Ventures, mainly active in the hydrocarbon industry, present in about 30 countries with 45 operating companies and approximately 4,200 employees. Tecnimont is in charge of the process and utilities units, water and gas treatment, LPG storage, surface facilities on the well pads and the connections of the flow lines and pipelines to the gas distribution network and Taranto's Refinery.

This oil field is located in the region of Basilicata, southern Italy. The production will begin in 2016 and is expected to produce 50,000 bpd of oil, 230,000 m³/d of natural gas, 240 tons/d of LPG, and 80 tons/d of sulphur. For further information regarding the Tempa Rossa Project: www.it.total.com

Water and Steam for an oil field

For the Tempa Rossa project ARTES Ingegneria will supply a complete Effluent Water treatment plantThe key technologies are dealing with the removal of oil and suspended solids from the water: Corrugate Plate Interceptor (CPI) and Induced Gas Flotation (IGF). Media filtration and adsorption on Granular Activated Carbon are further implemented to reduce residual suspended solids and oil to negligible values. These technologies are, as well, the best fitting solutions in the treatment of produced water, where the effectiveness of the separation of dispersed and dissolved oil is fundamental.

Furthermore, BONO Energia will supply three water tube steam boilers (CTD 30) to be installed in the oil centre. Each boiler will produce 30 t/h steam at a pressure of 45 barg and a temperature of 440°C firing natural gas as fuel.


An Expert Support

BONO Energia has more than 50 references in auxiliary applications, where reliability is the key factor that drives the client's choice: the boiler provides the steam for the start-up of the plant and when the peak load occurs. Since the feed water quality is important for the heat-transfer efficiency of the boilers, preventing corrosion and deposition of precipitated scale, BONO Energia's boilers are equipped of the demineralization package provided by ARTES Ingegneria.

Tempa Rossa oil field is special not only because of the nature of the hydrocarbons, but also for its environmental context. The development of such an oil field is a challenge that TOTAL and its partner have accepted, implementing the most appropriate oil industry techniques for exploration and production, in order to respect the environment and nature. ARTES Ingegneria and BONO Energia bring their gained experience in this field, providing the best solutions along with the client's need.

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