Thermoforming Technology 

Cannon Ergos thermoforming technologies cover the complete range of requirements for industrial thermoforming.
Refrigerator liners, automotive interior and exterior trim, aerospace interiors, furniture, electronic housings, luggage, advertising signs, office machines, sanitary products such as bath tubs, parts for the building and construction industry and technical parts are the products most commonly produced with these machines.
Various machine configurations, manual or automatic operation, higher or lower output ranges, sheet or reel feeding, integration of cutting, insert integration, molds and laboratory trials, fully integrated production unit are available on requests.
A wide selection of IR-heating systems is available for when customization on specific thermoplastic materials is of advantage.

Our customers like our friendly operator interface and the freedom given by the many variables offered to CREA the technical parts.
We can help the customer from co-design through project industrialization up to commissioning, assistance to production and process optimization.