As the historical sector of the company, 3- and 5-axis milling has witnessed the increase of application fields and the machining centres performance through constant research.
Over the years the company has become a leader in the production of CNC machine for the milling of such materials as plastic, composites, resins, metals and wood. At the end of 2013 the systems installed by Belotti all over the world hit the number of 1700 units, among which 92% were 5-axis systems.

By using latest generation 5-axis machining centres:

  • Operating flexibility is ideal: it is virtually possible to machine any type of material (aluminum and its alloys, composite materials with Kevlar and carbon, but also most of plastic materials)
  • It is possible to obtain unlimited shapes and to carry out any type of trajectories, even the most complex ones
  • Accuracy is upmost thanks to the evolution of the bi-rotary heads and the adoption of direct measurement systems
  • Chips and dust suction plants.


TRIM Series

Sturdy, accurate and absolutely reliable, the new TRIM series by Belotti S.p.A. is the show-piece of 5-axis machining centres dedicated to the trimming of plastics and composite materials. Like the previous MKN model, the new TRIM machining centre ensures extreme accessibility to the work area, so that the work piece holding fixture can be reached without any problem. The adjustment and working qualities of the TRIM series machining centres fully meet any need in terms of machining speed and quality. Among the various optional, the automated loading/unloading systems (rotary tables and parallel loaders) enable tooling the machining centre quickly and saving precious time.

FLA Series

The new generation of CNC machining centres FLA series combines the productivity of a milling machine to the high speed and potential of a moving bridge machining centre. It is characterized by high dynamics with all axes; it also features customizable revolver or tool changer heads to ensure maximum productivity for sector specific needs. All this comes with an ideal price/performance ratio. 80 m/min rapid speed along with up to 0.8 g of X -Y -Z axis acceleration represent the necessary requirements for trimming plastics, composite ( such as carbon fiber, fiberglass and Kevlar) and wooden materials, as well as for machining light alloys. The modular-designed extensible magazine is usually equipped with 8 stations for HSK 63F and HSK 63A tool holders and can be widely customized. Among the various optional, automated loading/unloading systems (rotary tables and parallel shuttles) enable a quick machining centre setup. Belotti's FLA is the ideal partner for milling of resin / aluminium models and moulds and for high quality trimming of composite and plastic materials.

FLU Series

The new Belotti FLU Series has been manufactured with a monolithic structure to reduce the vibrations and it is suitable for high speed milling of resin patterns and aluminium moulds. The special design of this 5 axis machining centres makes the accessibility to the total working area easier, with the possibility of loading both jigs and heavy parts by using over-head crane. Customer can choose among a wide range of options to create a configuration according to the real customer’s needs.

NOVA Series

Belotti NOVA CNC machining centres have a sturdy monolithic structure with a double rail system on both sides of the base frame, allowing the maximum rigidity of the gantry during the operations. The NOVA is capable to machine several materials, such as aluminium and composites, ensuring the best performances through a 15 or 30 kW electrospindle and high performance piece clamping systems. The optional 5-axis head, compact and equipped with rotary axis locking system and Heidenhain direct drive encoders, enables to reach high quality and accurate machining of elaborated pieces. The easy and quick set up, thanks to the piece centring laser systems , makes this router extremely performing. CSRS is an optional patented equipment, especially designed for aluminium stack routing.


Gemini series CNC machining centres are the result of Belotti S.p.a. long experience achieved in more than 30 years of activity in the production of machines for aluminum, composites materials and resins milling applications. Machine construction shall consist of an heavy-duty, reinforced cast iron and stress relieved steel weldment, together for machine stability. The longitudinal movement is made left and right by the spindle mounting plates in the X-axis direction, for highly dynamic performance and precision. The vertical movements (Z axis) are made via precision ballscrew actuation. The transverse movements (Y and V axis) are made by the independent working tables, with precision drive systems. All linear movement (sliding) ways shall be L-M bearing units. All horizontal linear bearings (X axis, Y axis and V axis) shall be be automatically lubricated during machine operation. The axis movements are managed by electric "brushless".

NAVY Series

NAVY series consists of 5-axis advanced machining centers especially designed for shipyards specific needs. A wide range of models and cutting heads enable to meet any kind of dimensional and technological requirement. The shipyards who chose Belotti's Navy machining centres incremented their constructive quality and efficiency shortly; furthermore, the quality of working environment has greatly improved, thanks to the various accessories offered with the machining centre, such as effective dust suction equipments and active/passive safety systems.

SKY Series

The boost to innovation is the keystone of Belotti S.p.A.'s activity. All our CNC 5 axis machining centers are designed and built with the aim of increasing our Customers' productivity. With this in mind the SKY model was born. SKY routers offer higher rigidity and accuracy on the tool bit, drastically abating vibrations and obtaining high quality work surfaces in the milling phase. SKY is a machining centre with screw handling, equipped with optical lines, ideal for moulds and models of any shape and size.

MDL Series

The MDL series are advanced high-speed CNC 5-axis machining centres which ensure maximum productivity in machining of style models and prototypes, as well as in finishing of large-sized moulds and aeronautical parts made of aluminium alloy and composite materials. Using 5-axis heads equipped with (optional) torque motors, optical lines with 0.005 resolution on linear axes and high rigidity frames enhance the machining accuracy and finishing quality features. A wide range of models and cutting heads enable meeting any kind of dimensional and technological needs.