Cannon Ergos is manufacturing thermoforming  machines for industrial applications, handling systems, trimming and cutting devices, tooling for the thermoforming process and integrate them into production processes.
The competence in the thermoforming technology, the innovation in the concept of the machines, the range of machines to meet at best customer’s needs and the organisation, are our strengths.
The extensive sales and service network of the Cannon Group allows to operate with quick response and expertise all over the world with machines in operation in over 45 Countries.
The machines enable various applications that can be optimized for domestic and industrial refrigerator liners, interior and exterior automotive parts, fuel tanks, liners and panel for special vehicles, bath tubs and shower trays for sanitary sector, door panel skins, building and interior design industry, luggage and many other applications.
Cannon Ergos  are designing and manufacturing since 1956, with more than 1,800 machines installed worldwide.

Production Range

  • Single Station Crea® machines high flexibility
  • In Line machines for Refrigerator Industry
  • TwinCrea® machines for Twin Sheet Technology
  • RotoCrea® machines for Automotive Industry application
  • Solutions for special applications

Dedicated solution for Quick Tool Change: adjustable clamp frame, adjustable aperture plate, tool locking system, adjustable sheet loader, plug assist and process set-up.

  • Triplo® Adjustable Plate System
  • Cambio® Speedy Tool Change System

Sophisticated electronic controls ensure quick machine set up, fast and precise control of the heating elements and easy re-programming of production parameters. Careful design of the machine structure guarantees high productivity and repeatable quality.